Go Green!

Every year, you can make a tax-deductible contribution to our class so we can:

  • Save up for our next reunion (more parties, more class spirit, less cost!)

  • Support our siblings (financial aid for classmates to attend reunion)

  • Give a gift to younger Wellesley classes when it's our turn at the front of the parade

Make a gift of $25.00 or more every year, or become an Evergreen Class Lifetime Member with a gift of $250.00 or more. Evergreen donations allow us to purchase shares in the College endowment, yielding dividend income for our every year. 


If you have any questions regarding giving to our class, please feel free to contact our Class Treasurer, Karen Seo, at karenseo@gmail.com.

Evergreen Class Lifetime Members
Annette Adamska
Jamie Bernthal Andersen
Genevieve Brennan
Jerri Chen
Bailey Childers
Kimberly Chin
Alanna Clair
Lauren Collalto
Julia Collins
Beth Dakin
Melissa Davis
Amy Dering
Caroline Dickerson
Jennifer Dietz
Katherine Doiron
Lila Durnan
Kathryn Erickson
Joy Delamaide Gasper
Maeve Gearing
Marisa Gerla
Rachel Hodge
Stephanie Kacoyanis
Kristina Kazarian
Erin Flannery Keith
Sarah Kelly
Ellen Keris
Bethany Klem
Christina Kloster
Seeyuen Lee
JiaJing Liu
Jennifer Losaw
Sarah McPhie
Beth Merfish
Chailee Moss
Elizabeth Nesoff
Jennifer O’Donnell
Sarah Parks
Seema Rathod
Vanessa Reid
Nayoung Rim
Alisha Rodriquez
Logan Schmidt
Karen Seo
Randi Shapiro
Kristen Thane
Bora Un
Paz Valencia
Emily Vardell
Brenna Vredeveld
Erika Woods
Nicole Yoon
Katherine Young
List updated August 2016